Honda's Diesel-Powered Accord can match Hybrids  

by Evander Klum

It's not so long ago when everybody wants to own a hybrid vehicle because of its claimed benefits like better fuel economy and lower emission of harmful gases. But surprisingly the new results of the J.D. Power survey reveal that most car owners now prefer diesel cars over hybrids.

Sales of hybrids are observed to be declining reaching an overall drop in sales by almost 7 percent however for buyers with age ranging from 16 to 25 the drop is much higher at 13 percent.

With the turn of events it seems like the whole point of shifting to using hybrid vehicles seems to be fading without us noticing it. This is quite sad especially for the environment which is the main reason why buying hybrid vehicles was advocated. It seems like consumers now refused to pay the additional $2,396 for a hybrid version vehicle especially when it takes a while before the promised savings on fuel offset the high price tag of their purchased hybrids.

And speaking of diesel, in the past diesel was considered a notorious type of fuel ask an environmentalist if you don't believe. Diesel was then used in big trucks that are known for spewing really black and toxic smoke that pollutes the air. This is also one of the reasons why diesel was not very popular in the American market.

But after years of being ignored diesel is springing back with better performance and power boosted by newly developed engine and fuel technologies. Honda the producer of quality Acura catalytic converter is one of the automakers that have been working to develop better diesel engines that are as eco-friendly as the next hybrid vehicle in the market.

Japan's second largest automaker, Honda has developed a diesel-powered Accord which it plans to offer in the United States by the year 2010. The new highly fuel efficient Accord gets 63 miles per gallon or 62.8 mpg to be exact. And unlike hybrids the new diesel-powered Accord does not sacrifice power.

Details on the diesel-powered Accord (sourced from


* 2204 cc 4-cylinder all-aluminium engine * Constructed using pioneering semi-solid casting techniques * Second generation common rail injection * Variable nozzle turbocharger with intercooler * Euro IV compliant * Second order balancer shaft and offset cylinders * 140 PS @ 4,000 rpm / 340 Nm @ 2,000 rpm * Combined cycle fuel consumption 52.3 / 48.7 mpg, saloon/Tourer * 5-speed manual transmission


* Double wishbone front suspension * 5-link double wishbone rear suspension (saloon) * Trailing arm rear suspension (Tourer) * Revised geometry for greater stability and precision * Performance enhanced by aerodynamic efficiency and dynamic stiffness of bodyshell * Sharpened rack and pinion steering * Executive models equipped with VSA for exceptional security (optional on Sport models) * ABS, EBD and brake assist standard

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