Jeep's Smooth Tail End  

by Hailey Boss

Conquering virtually all types of terrains calls for a good set of quality performance parts. All-terrain vehicle giant Jeep manages to produce SUV's and trucks that contain these quality high-caliber parts - plus more. Jeep's performance parts are made of superior materials designed to give satisfying performance on the tough road. Such is the Jeep Exhaust Tip. The Jeep Exhaust Tip is the visible end part of the exhaust systems of Patriot, Compass, Liberty, Wrangleer, Grand Cherokee, and Commander. Made from predominantly from stainless steel, Jeep's exhaust tips add a touch of elegance to its lineup of tough trucks and SUV's.

To make sure that the Jeep Exhaust Tip would be a perfect fit to the vehicle's exhaust system, it cast through computer numerical control (CNC) manufacturing. The Jeep uses T-304 stainless steel constructions for its exhaust tips. Since T-304's are used aircraft construction, sturdiness is ensured for all Jeep exhaust tips. Unlike chrome tips that are vulnerable to flakes and rusts due to the exhaust system's high temperature, the stainless Jeep Exhaust Tip lasts long, maintaining its shine even after the odometer hits 100,000.

Aftermarket exhaust tips for Jeep vehicles are provided by Borla and Gibson, the world's biggest names in the auto exhaust system industry. These exhaust tips come in different designs, sizes, and shapes. The Borla Jeep Exhaust Tip sports a one-of-a-kind intercooler design that gives impressive looks and sounds for the exhaust system. On the other hand, Gibson's Jeep Exhaust Tip contains a cutting edge built-in clamp system that eases the stress out of the installation.

Installation of the Jeep Exhaust Tip is a relatively simple process. There is basically no wielding or cutting involved in the installation. This could be done by simply duplicating the exhaust's inlet diameter with the right inlet diameter of the Jeep Exhaust Tip, and then tightening the built-in clamp.

The Jeep is constantly striving for immense four-wheel performance, but a little luster on the tail end definitely adds luster to its appearance.

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