CPS Chonprasit/ ชลประสิทธิ์ หม้อน้ำ ชลบุรี

รับผลิตอีวาโปเรเตอร์ รถตลาดทั่วไป
Manufacture Car Evaporator and any special evaporator as order

evaporator / อีวาโปเรเตอร์



The list of evaporator that we manufactured

Dihutsu mira R 12
Dihutsu mira R 134a
Ford ranger R 134a
Honda accord 1990-92
Honda city R 134a
Honda civic 1987
Honda civic 1996
Isuzu calsonic
Nissan big M frontier
Nisson sunny B 14
Toyota A4 E
Toyota corolla AE 101
Toyota corolla AE 111 R 134a
Toyota corona ST 171
Toyota hilux MTX 1990-94 R 12
Toyota soluna R 134a

more type of evaporator are under development and will be released soon



If you are interesting in any of the product above, please email us

Above are some of the standard size of different types of heat exchanger. We're also doing any make to order size of radiator, oil cooler and evaporator